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the high price of some software packages...

What does it cost to develop a piece of software, can there be given any estimates?

The problem is obviously that the end users have no idea about the real value of the code.

Offcourse this largely depends on what the software developers decide what it should cost. Could it be that a lot of software is overpriced? Offcourse profit has to be made to be able to grow and to continue development, but once you reach a certain level, how much larger can you get?

The only way to defeat that problem is to refrain buying such expensive packages and to look for cheaper alternatives, so that the prices have to be lowered to stay competitive, but instead cracks are being made.

Something that does bother me a bit is the limited amount of installs you get when you buy software. There should be a limit, but it would be better if the limit is for example 5 installs per license. So that small businesses are done when buying 1 or 2 licenses.

I do love the ilok though, it really is great to not have to authorize all the software again after a re-install.