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Originally Posted by Sid Viscous ➡️
I think this post shows the problem.
1. Hardware is hardware. Software isn't. You can try to convince people otherwise if you want, but it just makes you look bad.
2. Ever hear of ADATS? Tons of people had them and somehow they were able to make records with them.
Thank you for proving my point.

Yes, some people could afford ADATs, but when was the last time you plugged your mic directly to ADATs?

And you are telling me that you mix all your songs dry with no effects? And where is the EQ section, compressors, etc on the ADATs?

That is right; you need a mixing board, a patch bay, and thousands of dollars of outboard gear to do that. Not to mention all the editing features and all the creative things that you can do with software but not with ADATs?

Additionally, I guess your music is made up of only 8 tracks (or 7 if you use one for time code). I don’t know but even the simplest song I ever recorded had at least 20 tracks.

Again I ask you, how many people could afford even 1 ADAT (let alone 2 or more), a good quality mixing board, and a whole bunch of outboard gear to accomplish what could be done with software at a fraction of the cost? And how would they fit all that in their bedrooms? : )

No matter how many excuses you try to come up with, you cannot win this argument my friend.

Last, no one is saying that software is hardware; we just say that it has to be treated with the same respect. Again, a product is a product, no matter what form it takes.