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A New Way Of Thinking

United States copyright law, contained in Title 17 of the United
States Code, provides that a copyright holder has the exclusive right

-Prepare sequels or other derivative works
-Sell, rent, or otherwise distribute copies
-Display or perform the work in public
-Transmit the work via digital audio (17 USC 106)

The worst enemy of the creators and sellers of contemporary music, movies, and other digital media are programs like iTunes, Windows Media player, and Quick Time. These programs and others like them afford anyone with a computer and an Internet connection the power of unauthorized and unlimited reproduction, duplication, and distributing of copyrighted digital media files. The current plight of the recording and movie industries does not lie with the issue of “illegal downloading” the real problem is UNAUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION. Downloading files onto a computer is actually a relatively harmless act; it is simply a transfer of numeric values from one storage medium to another, it could infact be argued that downloading a file doesn’t even violate copyright law. Where the actual copyright infringement occurs is when those files are imported into a Digital Media Player and automatically, with no restriction or any type of security check, are REPRODUCED and available to be copied and redistributed without limitation or consequence.