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Hi Again TLS,

I am sorry to hear you have had a problem. Without reference to the exact problem it is hard for me to comment.

I would really like to know what particular issue you are talking about. Can you please send me a Private Message via the forum or post your Incident SI#. I believe you must have had some fringe kind of issue. However, I cannot research it or comment if I am not given any details.

We offer our publishers betas, instructions and support. Of course it is key to find and fix any issues before they ship. The software publishers incorporate our technology and are responsible for the final testing.

The experience with the iLok should be transparent. is not because it is a centralized place that allows for the activation process to be independent of the machine the runs the DAW (a requirement for this market).

Software publishers generally provide the first level of support for their customers, you. Then they can escalate issues to PACE and we can work together. In general, we do not provide 1st tier support for 3rd party products. Phone support is costly and does not give us the context instantly to support. We also do not provide support for the software itself, which is often asked of us.

You pay a significant amount for your software but only a trivial amount (think far less than credit card processing fees) come to us. The costs to the publisher of copy protection is far less than people on this forum consider. There are support costs but we are constantly working to better our products and services. Offering free phone support is not economically possible right now.

The vast majority of people do not have problems. Those that do are often account or identity related. In many cases, instructions from the publishers are not followed.

We are working to improve our online support so that we can focus on top tier support issues.