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Originally Posted by mxeryus ➡️
Yes, so who are the suppliers then? Do they use physically stolen software?
Why would they go through the hassle of that and draw attention to themselves?

Someone in the team with a clean slate buys the software - once. The rest figure out how to crack it and duplicate it indefinitely. It's not like they need the box or the paper manual or the dongle anyway. So yes, it costs them money - exactly once. The fact that their name appears next to the release is already a big honor since they can pride themselves on being the first (or the best, if a previous release wasn't properly cracked).

The alternative is that there's a leak in the company itself - either willingly (someone shares the source with the outside (the programmer) or the nearly finished product with the outside (a beta tester) or unwillingly (the server where the product resides is hacked).