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Originally Posted by lpuma ➡️
that's a nice state of mind, the sad part is your product (the redline reverb) is already available as a crack... I demoed it and really liked it, it's on my list with the cytomic btw (jus waiting a bit cause I just invested in flux + a new computer)... Someone told me recently in another thread how ilok protected products dont get cracked anymore so I had to chek, that how I've seen your plugin is cracked... I personally think ilok are ok and the fact it really works is pretty cool, at least nobody is getting what you pay with you sweat for free... but your product still on my list, I liked it.
I wasn't planning on touting this, but since you brought it up: the available cracks of our plugins don't actually work properly--they either time out after the demo period or start to malfunction after a while--so de facto we're still uncracked. But even if at some point fully working cracks become available I still believe one shd focus on the paying customers and not the ones not paying. Every copy protection scheme known to man has been cracked and, given sufficient time, will be cracked again. The only thing draconian protection schemes achieve is to alienate a portion of your potential userbase and force them to look elsewhere.

Besides, despite what many companies would have you believe in order to force their CP schemes on you: I have never in my personal experience seen any significant decrease in sales due to a cracked version becoming available. The companies I worked for prior to 112dB had wildly varying CP schemes ranging from simple serial numbers to iLok, and without exception were cracked at some point--but never did sales figures show any variance. Of course this could be total coincidence due to the relatively small sample size and not hold true for other comparable companies, but in my personal experience cracks do not automatically imply fewer paying customers.


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