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Originally Posted by Agreed ➡️
It's false in that no one has said that software doesn't deserve protection. But it absolutely can't be protected as though it were physical, because it isn't. Don't forget that the "rights" surrounding the property have to be considered from both the producer and the consumer perspectives. It's not enough to say "I want all of the rights of physical property for my software creation" and then hem and haw when it comes to granting users the same rights as physical property. No one would be willing to do that because it doesn't make sense.
Well put.

Originally Posted by Agreed ➡️
The first step in coming up with sensible and more generally acceptable laws regarding intellectual property is to abandon analogy altogether. It's not like a car, it's not like a keyboard, it's not like a guitar, it's software and that's a peculiar thing.
Thank you.

I think on the music/movies side the copyright laws need rethinking (note: I'm not saying everything should be free on the net), on the software side: there will always be pirated stuff, why not focus on better experience for the legit user?

And, if Steinberg/Korg are listening, my little blue Synchrosoft key is a bit wobbly, doesn't feel as solid as it used to. If it fails, I'll send it to Steinberg to rewoke a license, that'll take two weeks, next I'll need the half/broken key back to send it to Korg, another two weeks because the protection key doesn't work. Erm, it actually does protect user from making a copy, but it causes sooo much more trouble than needed when it doesn't.

Nice ...


*actually, could I demand payment for the downtime?

--- I'm suggesting Steinberg/Synchrosoft make a database of all the keys with all the licenses on them, if the key fails it'd only take a day or so to get the licenses back - from all of the companies that use the key -----