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Originally Posted by dj! ➡️
Really glad to hear that! You know, we've given the topic of copy protection a lot of thought and in the end decided that we simply don't want to make anyone jump through burning hoops just to use a product that (s)he honestly bought. In a perfect world there would be no need for CP, but as things stand a non-intrusive and flexible CP system is the least we could do to return the favor. We don't like software piracy any more than the next company, but being paranoid about it only serves to make life difficult for paying customers.

And let me say that so far we're more than happy with our decision to not go with a dongle or challenge/response--people really appreciate it, and it allows us to work on making better products instead of wasting our time on CP-related support. Treating paying customers like potential criminals and burdening them with difficult or unreliable CP only makes illegal versions that more attractive and hardly seems like the best way to conduct business.

Take care & many thanks for your feedback,

-- dj!
that's a nice state of mind, the sad part is your product (the redline reverb) is already available as a crack... I demoed it and really liked it, it's on my list with the cytomic btw (jus waiting a bit cause I just invested in flux + a new computer)... Someone told me recently in another thread how ilok protected products dont get cracked anymore so I had to chek, that how I've seen your plugin is cracked... I personally think ilok are ok and the fact it really works is pretty cool, at least nobody is getting what you pay with you sweat for free... but your product still on my list, I liked it.