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Originally Posted by andy_cytomic ➡️
I expect that it will get cracked at some point once it's out of Beta. If someone wants to use a crack instead of buying the software they will and no amount of copy protection will change that. All I can do is price the software fairly and make life as easy as possible for people doing the right thing.

Andrew Simper

This thread makes me really happy. I salute the OP for taking a positive spin on all of this and remarking on the people who are doing it right.

The other factor is that hopefully people have some notion of the human being behind the work.

People like Fabfilter, Cytomic, Massey, 112db, Audio Damage, Stillwell, and countless more I could mention mention: I believe these people are part of a vanguard. Heartfelt, independent digital design done with a sense of economy and a connection to/reward for the paying consumer.

Get behind these lovely, brilliant, eccentric people and they will continue to innovate.

- c