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Hi Robin,

Yes, the copy protection uses calls to the key in a small number of GUI operations. The first generation of Syncrosoft keys had longer response times, which meant that the responsiveness of the interface was at times noticeably impacted. I suspect that George may have been using one of these older keys at the time (it was a couple of years ago now), which would explain that. The key hardware itself and the places in the software where calls are made have both been successively updated, so the GUI responsiveness should not be impacted neagtively. We also recommend in our knowledge base that anyone who is experiencing sluggish GUI behaviour should avail themselves of a new Steinberg Key and transfer their licenses to the new key.

As far as the benefits of the license management are concerned, please read what I said as a statement of intent. I very much hear what you're saying, and there is a lot more we can do (and are working on) to provide services and benefits that we don't currently have. So it's something that's important to us looking forward.