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Originally Posted by angusbaigent ➡️
Thanks for the great questions, 24-96.
Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Well, the processes that go on there are very well known to our developers, so I’d expect no impact on stability.
The way the protection is implemented means that real-time processes are not affected, so the impact on the system performance as to how many tracks etc. can be run is negligible.
Well, everything affects real time operation.

George Necola already touched on the issue, I'm of course asking because at some point there was a crack of Nuendo that was noticably more responsive than the legitimate version. If I recall correctly, this was not primarily related to actual real time processes, but GUI operation (I hope my memory is right on this).
I am assuming that this loss in performance was known and accepted by Steinberg and I remember thinking that a calculated loss of performance for a higher chance of successfull CP is ethically very questionable.

I was basically asking these questions because there is now just no way for the end user to know. So we, the users, have to take your word for it. Having said that, I'm glad to hear (and I trust your statement) that Steinberg are not compromising application performance / stability.

Additionally, the whole process is not just about copy protection, it’s about creating a license management system, one which we’re developing to offer more benefits and services in the future.
With all due respect: what benefits, let alone "more benefits" are we talking about? The notion that a license management system is directly (!) beneficial or even at all interesting to the user sounds misguided to me. At best, it is not noticed. At worst, it is significant inconvenience.

Please don't misunderstand me, I understand that Steinberg feel they need to protect their product by electronically managing my licenses and of course I accept that. But please remember that this is a result of your needs, not mine. Trying to sell copy protection / license management as a service or a feature to the customer sounds like something Waves would do... I trust Steinberg is more in touch than that.

Sure, it’s been a long road to where we are now, but the investment in the license management system has definitely been/is worth it.
That's good to hear. Thanks again for taking the time. (Oh, and if you have contact with interface programming, say "Liebe Grüße" to Hans-Jörg Ziegler from me.)