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Soul hit the nail on the head of the problem.

People think that because it's software and not physical that it doesn't deserve the same rights as something physical. And that even though the same amount of costs are involved to produce both products, the software product should not get the same revenue simply because it has no mass.

Let's look at some fake numbers for example.

You have a keyboard company and a software company. They both make a product that costs them $1000 in development (just a low number for simplicity). The cost of each is $100

A studio has 2 rooms and needs to build 10 rooms. The keyboard company then gets $1000 and the software company gets $100 and the studio just copies the same software in each room. Both have one through the same effort. But they keyboard company gets to pay off it's development and manufacturing costs, and the software company is still $900 in the hole. Is this fair?