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Originally Posted by TLS ➡️
From my experience Pace has been very poor to deal with. The response time for time critical issues via email has caused no end of stress often resulting in no communication for days. These days if something is iLok protected only I will look for alternative products.


I am sorry to hear you had issues. Without knowing the specifics I am not sure how I can directly help you. Many on our team keep a direct eye on support issues that come in and we try to prioritize. The vast majority of issues we do see are people that don't remember their name, login, password etc...or those where studio ownership has changed. Of course, most people use iLok and with no issues whatsoever. If that were not the case. We could not continue to offer our services.

If you wish, please send me a PM with the support incident # (#SI...) and I will do my best to look into it and get back to you.