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I don't think my statement assumes that people who steal are thieves at heart, I think it just assumes that theft happens. Some people might steal from retail because they are desperate and starving, or in dire need to feed their baby and can't find any other resort. There are an unlimited number of reasons, but I don't think that's really the issue so much. If someone has needs that outweigh the consequences, they will do it whether they know its wrong or not. And maybe sometimes that need can actually be justified over the consequences. If someone threatened to murder a persons loved on if they didn't steal something for example. The stealing would still be wrong, but their motivation would warrant it.

I think the implication here being made is that all people who steal from retail are hardened thieves and therefore comparing the two is saying that people who steal software are all hardened thieves. But I don't believe that all people who steal from retail are.