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Again, I'm not suggesting that it lacks value. But the idea that there are "just as much rights as physical property" is unfortunately quite false, at least from the user's perspective - because it is never our property, it's yours (the creator's), and you're licensing us to use it under certain, limited conditions (e.g., no concurrent usage on multiple computers, install on only X number of computers, otherwise buy more licenses, etc...............

When you buy a keyboard or any other hardware, you can not use it in two different places at the same time and it should not be any different for software.

People can argue that it is not the same since a keyboard is a physical product and so on…..

The bottom line is that a product is a product - no matter what form it takes.

People also talk about costs.

Yes it costs money to buy software. However, the costs are a fraction of the money you would have spent in a commercial studio had it not been for music software.

Music software has made it possible for the average person to record a full length album in his/her bedroom.

If it were not for music software, people would still be recording on a 4 track machine using cassette tapes. Anything else would be out of the reach of most musicians.

To all the pirates out there, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.