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This is a great discussion. Here are my observations:

-No hard data (or even flaccid data) on effectiveness of dongles/copy protection has been presented.

-The only end user pro-dongle argument seems to be "I like portability of my software". Meanwhile, iLoks fail left and right, are stolen, broken, whatever.... and no one except the customer seems to care.

-For god's sake, owning a license for software and owning a physical item are NOWHERE NEAR the same thing. If I own a guitar or piece of hardware, I can do whatever I want to it.... mod it, turn it into modern art, take it apart and sell the pieces... with software you have NO rights other than general use as described in the EULA. Once you've registered your legit software you now have to get the developer (and sometimes pay a fee) to transfer the license. Fender is not charging me when I sell the guitar used.

-Everything is/will be cracked.

-Waves copy protection and other business "schemes" are the reason I refuse to give them any more business. In fact, all of my current plugins are either Challenge/Response or serial keys, and that played a big role in my decision to purchase those over other plugins that required me to purchase an iLok, pay yearly fees, and all the other BS extortion that comes with that shit.

I personally don't need my software to be portable, but I understand that some people do. If you take away the portability aspect of the iLok, it becomes a cheap useless piece of garbage sticking out of your computer.

Come up with an option to keep authorizations portable, and keep hassles to a minimum. Once I purchase, install, and authorize my software, I should be done. No more accounts, extra hardware/dongles, fees, updates, etc should be required. That starts becoming harassment and borders on theft... I am firmly against piracy, but if you think all of this ridiculous minutia is beneficial to the end user, you clearly aren't listening.