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i think the a subscription OPTION could be good but another option i think could be much better is the following

you have your ilok safely in a computer

if you go and work at someone else's place/studio, you login to your ilok account and as you launch the plugin, it loads a license from the site (like it does from the ilok)temporarily into ram or however it does it. Then each time you open a plugin, it gets authorised for that instance

another option is that you login to your ilok account and there could be an option to "authorise computer" - and the licenses are loaded into ram so you can use them for that session.

now this is the kind of service i would like to see.
i frequently travel and hate taking my ilok away because of it's value and a total inability to get insurance for it in Ireland South Africa!!!

so no-one appears to be able to help us at the moment, not the developer, not ilok, no insurance!! Waves have made a start but their policies are a little unfair (you have to have at least 6months worth of WUP)

so we need you guys to step up to the table and gives us the support we need for this product to work in a way that makes the process a little more transparent and "Paying Customer" friendly and doesn't try to charge unreasonably...