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Originally Posted by HobbyCore ➡️
Complete nonsense. Every current steinberg product has been cracked (not all mac versions however). They are not all available on public torrent sites, easy to figure out why.

I suggest if you wish to learn more about the current state of software piracy, to spend some quality time on IRC and the darknets and make some friends (this step comes first actually). There is a far more vast and deep world of software piracy than you realize.

Ok. You might be right there (first paragraph). I however do not have time nor need for the second, but I guess you're definitely right about that. However, Cubase cracks were widely spread around until C4 came out, so I'd say Synchrosoft does work. I haven't seen C4 or C5 on any of the torrent sites apart from the fakes or really bad cracks.

Many of my friends bought originals soon after trying out those, so congrats to Steinberg.

Btw, I use Cubase 5 and like it a lot.