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Thanks for the great questions, 24-96.
- What amount of system resources goes into the CP (or rather how much performance could be gained by not using any CP)?
The way the protection is implemented means that real-time processes are not affected, so the impact on the system performance as to how many tracks etc. can be run is negligible. Additionally, the whole process is not just about copy protection, it’s about creating a license management system, one which we’re developing to offer more benefits and services in the future.

I wonder how often application crashes with Nuendo 4 are due to some problem with CP? (or rather how much stability could increase if there was no CP at all). Same question for Wavelab 6 although it is much, much more stable. Have you done empiric testing on this? Can you estimate what percentage of problems / crashes are down to CP (directly or indirectly)?
Well, the processes that go on there are very well known to our developers, so I’d expect no impact on stability.

What amount of cash per copy of Nuendo copy essentially goes towards CP? (Synchrosoft licensing, implementation costs, dongle hardware, user dongle support, etc). Are you at liberty to give ballpark figures?
No, I'm afraid not. But since our purchase of parts of Syncrosoft, all the development for the eLicenser (i.e. the Steinberg Key, License Control Center and Soft eLicenser) is now done inhouse at Steinberg by specialist staff that came to us from Syncrosoft. So not only do we hope to offer a license management system that is better integrated into the programs because both are developed under one roof, it also means that development work on the protection does not use development resources previously allocated to other products and projects. And, as I said, we’re looking to expand the functionality in the future.

And the inevitable follow-up question: Are you absolutely sure that the cost for CP is lower than that of sales that might be lost if there was no / less elaborate CP?
Yes, I am sure about this, especially seeing as we're talking about very widely used and successful products like Cubase. Putting the resources we devote now to copy protection, with dedicated staff at Steinberg, in relation to total sales, knowing that the only way of using the latest version of Cubase today is by buying it, I'm absolutely sure that this "calculation goes up", as they say in Germany (“die Rechnung geht auf”), i.e. that it's worth it. If the next generation of Cubase were available for free everywhere it would hurt sales, I think that’s pretty much a given. Sure, it’s been a long road to where we are now, but the investment in the license management system has definitely been/is worth it.

Angus Baigent (Steinberg)