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Originally Posted by PACE Andrew Kirk ➡️
Phone Support:
We currently handle all support in the US (CA time) via email. We have found that email is the best way to handle issues because we can get the proper context. Phone support is expensive and when we have tested that road, it takes a long time to get the information we need. A lot of support is "follow the instructions of the software publisher to get your license" or login/access issues (I forgot my account, password, name). We are also working to improve our support and FAQ offering in the not so distant future. Our goal is to lessen the need for support. When necessary we do pick up the phone and call users. Generally that is after we get context on the issue.
Software publishers also have support tools to handle a lot of the issues that arise with their customers. In the end, our fees are so low that phone support is not really an option. Offering phone support would force us to raise fees significantly to cover the costs of live phone support.
From my experience Pace has been very poor to deal with. The response time for time critical issues via email has caused no end of stress often resulting in no communication for days. These days if something is iLok protected only I will look for alternative products.