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First and foremost people need to understand that our technology provides a full range of activations methods. From serial numbers, Challenge/Response, license files to iLok. There are various methods of providing licenses for trials, purchases, upgrades. The toolset can be used in many ways with or without iLok. These are choices for the software publishers in relation to the market they serve.

The iLok offers portability and convenience. This might be well suited for some markets and not for others. We certainly understand this. Ultimately the software publisher decides what user experience they wish to provide. We offer the iLok as a choice. Some publishers bundle the iLok, others do not. Some require it, some do not. For many publisher the iLoks license is the ultimate proof of purchase or ownership. For others it is the security and largely support free method that allows them to keep developing and selling their products. It gives the user the ability to upgrade to new versions and get support.

I can tell you that iLok would not have as many customers and users choosing iLok if the solution was as bad as some have indicated. The overwhelming majority of users have no issues whatsoever. We see a lot of positive feedback and very very happy users. We also see people that struggle. We work to help them and fix issues that cause problems. We are not satisfied if users are having issues.

There are occasional problems and we work hard to remedy them and help the user that has been affected. Again, very small number or we could continue to provide these services. In most cases the iLok has been broken by force, lost or something. We offer a warranty and work to support our products and services with a level of quality that we would expect if we were in your shoes.

We aim to keep the pricing as affordable as possible for software publishers and users alike. So our technology cannot cost a lot nor can it require much overhead to the application.

Premium "unified" services have been added as customers have asked for them. However, the user can always go to the software publisher for support to get temporary licenses. All publishers have the tools and ability to offer similar services for their licenses. ZDT and other services are aimed at a unified support approach to help make it easier for the end user - a one stop shop for hassle free support services. We will continue to offer such support and aim give more benefits to the end users.

In Saovi's post from earlier in the thread it is not mentioned that ZDT is completely optional. I can tell you that many customers find that the $30.00 is well worth the ease of mind if anything should go wrong. For some, it is not. It is a choice, an option for the user. The publisher can also automate this experience for their own customers. However, this does not solve the issue for those with 25 licenses from 7 vendors in 4 different time zones.

PACE creates tools for software publishers. Tools that can be used to allow their customers to have choice about where, when and how their products are used. Some software users like having the software be a physical device, even to the point where they choose it. It is a nice option for them because they don't want to have to get on the phone or contact the vendors when they hit some limit for Challenge/Response. That said, for some products and some users, challenge/response works fine. It is about choices. PACE will continue to improve our product offerings and make it easier for everyone to have such choices.