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You have to understand that owning a license to use intellectual property has the same value as owning physical object. Bother are things that hold a value, only one is physical and one is not. Just like your work you do for your clients holds as much of a value as any physical objects you own. Your clients don't say "Eh, well he doesn't actually lose anything physically when he does work for me, my guitar is a real thing that I own, and I don't own the work he puts in to me".

So the difference is that they can't be protected in the same way, not that one has less value because it has less mass. The physical stuff has a copy protection built in. And the downside is that if you lose it you lose it. With intellectual property you have more options here and more protections. And it's not intangible, it just lacks mass. Not protecting it and piracy do just as much damage as stealing a physical object. If your clients don't pay you, it's damaging even though you don't lose any physical property.

I think part of the education program that needs to be instilled is teaching people that intellectual property has just as much value and rights as physical property. There's this notion that it has less value because it's not physical and because someone doesn't own the actual source code (which would be absurd).

With the ilok you can have those licenses backed up so if you lose that physical device which contains them, you can restore them. You can't do that with any physical property. Also, like physical property, you can insure them. You can have homeowners insurance. If you lose your physical property you can't expect anyone to just give you a new one. But intellectual property here has more options. It seems many people want the benefits of physical property and none of the responsibilities.

There's down sides to every option. This seems to be by far the best one. I am sure the developers are more than open to suggestions of better ways to do it though. So far no one has been able to offer better solutions. Getting rid of protection is not a solution and as a customer, I would feel threatened by a company that got rid of their copy protection. I too would love more convenience as anyone would for anything. Do you have any suggestions? I'm sure in time we'll come up with better ways, but I can't think of any right now.

I do know I can get insurance and a no down time option which ensures that no matter what happens I am covered. I can't say the same for any physical property I won.

here's a pretty good analogy (considering it revolves around the word license

the current model (where if your ilok breaks or you lose your key) you lose your cd/key/ilok/whatever you lose your license, the way it SHOULD be, is like in california, where if you lose your license you go in and request a new one and pay the 15$ for the physical license, you're still licensed to drive you just don't have the license itself.

and considering the attitude of most of the people on GS i'd bet it's safe to say that most of the people here register their software, so getting a replacement authorization shouldn't be a problem.