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You think software companies should give you ownership of the software? Well seeing as there can only be one owner, that would kinda limit them to one sale. I am sure though that many would be happy to sell ownership of their software for several millions of dollars. :-)

I think licensing use it much more practical and cheaper for the end user and it allows many people to use it instead of just one.

I used to hate upgrade fees too until I realized how much it costs to pay engineers to write these updates. You're often looking at paying them $150,000 a year each to code. So when the OS makes an upgrade that breaks everything, someone has to put in a large investment to update the software to allow it to work.

And yes there's always going to be drawbacks to any course taken. Most companies are going to have to settle with what will do the most good for the most. And since most people have internet, they are going to need to focus on that user base. I am sure there are some people out there who are very inconvenienced by install CDs because they are using floppy drives and are tired of the burden of having to go out of their way to deal with CD-ROMs. All joking aside, you can see that no matter what route is taken, there will always be someone who doesn't fit that path.

One of the things i like about what iLok did is that you can then register on some other computer and bring it to your work computer. With Challange and response your work computer has to be online. Not that I could ever imagine not having a computer that is online, but as you mention, not everyone does.