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If we had no law enforcement for shop lifting and only relied on education, do you think that would protect stores from theft?

Yes we know that if we shop lift, stores will have to raise prices to stay in business and we all lose. So if we just put that message out there without any enforcement, will that protect business?

There's definitely a need for education, but without consequences it's still going to be a problem. When it comes to music, kids don't realize that what they are doing is a collective damage because they are only thinking about themselves and the damage they are doing as a single person is not great, it's the collective damage of millions of people. That's something where education will really have a huge impact on for example. But that alone won't stop many. They already know it's wrong, they just don't understand the bigger picture. All they know, in terms of music is that big corporations who appear to have lots of money are trying to sue little people with no money. And of course the software business is a little different, but that example in music is a little easier to demonstrate.

My point being that both are needed to be effective. I think intellectual property deserves the same protection as physical property. Much of our country's economy is going to be based on intellectual property now. And if we don't protect it, our entire economy is going to suffer. We enforce the laws on stealing because if we didn't, stealing would be rampant and it wouldn't just effect the retail stores, it would effect all of us and our entire economy. But it seems we as a country have not realized just how much of our economy is based on intellectual property. And maybe that's something EVERYONE needs to be educated on.