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Can I say what a fantastic discussion, there is a simple way that software companies can render ineffective the crackers and one only a very very few minority attempt. I used to wrok for a software company where by the software was FREE!!!! yep you got it FREE!!!

Now we charged for updates and the prgram relied on getttign regular updates off course this wont probably work in music .... RIGHT well WRONG.

Practically every DAW software updates in 2 - 3 year cycles some every year. Unsing clever encryption an update can be linked quite easily to a serial number thus you register on line pay for the update downlaod and encrypted file that slots in perfectly once the correct serial key is stored.

Ok now how would this knock out the crackers well make it relatively cheap to update if Nuendo was say free but the annual update was $100.00 anyone serious with Nuendo would update wont they?. Add to this introduce a free demo of 7 days with say a flat fee of $20 for a further 30 days.

Off course as someone has already alluded the model most software companies use is a volume based i.e if Nuendo cost $900 then they would expect for arguments sake to sell about 1000 then hope they all update to the latest version. To be fair though there was a time way back when cracking TDM plugins was indeed very popular. Then Sony released Oxford which though pricey was so damn good you had to get one regardless of it being cracked then suddenly more and more cheap/affordable plugins appeared more or less the same quality. Then the really cheap ones/free ones Massey, IIeqpro PSP tuff and then it was a case of get one pricey one and plenty cheap ones. Then UAD and seriously cheap regularly discounted promotions im on my way to owning all of them. That is the key make it affordable to the point that it is easier to get the cheap plugs than waste time surfing for cracks. Heck for the nundo analogy make it say $100.00 flat fee plus discounted update price when new updates appear or $10 per month for a 3 year term (using license that expires every month)

Good luck it is not and easy task whatsoever.