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Originally Posted by Daniel Haver (NI) ➡️
We have fine-tuned our copy protection method quite a bit over the
years, and making it as convenient as possible for the user was always a
primary goal. Another goal was actually to add value to it.


At the end of the day, I believe that the large majority of our potential
customers will decide to purchase a legit copy of the product simply due
to their professional attitude, respect for other people's hard work and
because it gives them access to important resources like the latest software
updates and the free tech support.

It really is much better than it was a few years ago and I do appreciate the added value.


- I'll have to reformat my system sometime soon and I'm really not looking forward to it just because of the many C/R hoops to go through. NI are fine, but there's IK Multimedia stuff and others. As a legit user, it just doesn't feel right to feel bad about reinstalling even if it's ok most of the time, but having to send emails just because the authorizations ran out ...

- apart from Steinberg's Synchrosoft thingie - none of the protections work