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Originally Posted by mac black ➡️
Hi guys, this is for the pace reps

Since we pay a 'zero' downtime fee, would it be possible to match an ilok to user and have some sort of password/user activation code ?

My thought is that if a key gets stolen rather then breaks down, the hassle of dealing with each manufacturer trying to convince them that your key was stolen and they should give you a new code etc ...

I'm scared of taking my ilok out of my studio when i go and work in other places just because of that.

If i could actually 'lok' my ilok with a password and the only way to retrieve it would be to either know it or connect online, i wouldn't mind paying a bit extra for that, ie, if my key gets stolen or breaks, I'll be able to authorize a new key immediately.

Maybe even 'once a month' ilok online check/authorization system would prevent stolen keys from being used for more than a month ...

Or at least give this option/similar choice to users, please having 5 figures worth of plugins in your ilok is a bit scary.

also, one last thing ... why can we only store 120 licenses on one key ? i had a near heart attack when i was trying to download new ilok licenses and the key got locked due to trying to download over the licenses limit and to wait 24 hours before someone helped out ... which brings me to the next question... why is there no 'ilok'/pace phone numbers for emergency ?.

anyway ... have a great day

+1 love this idea!

also, i do not like WUP at all.