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I am unhappy with the idea of subscription-based licenses. The reward isn't worth what we'd lose. You mention Waves' service as an example of a successful execution of a similar plan, but everyone I talk to feels rooked by that model rather than helped. It seems to me just an effort to further monetize a system that most users put up with rather than love. I am an iLok user out of necessity, but the last thing I want is further reliance on the service - my preferred usage is just to leave it plugged in out of sight and not have to think about the fact that I use it. The illusion of ownership is important to my psychological wellbeing and hence my workflow. I like to feel like I "have" my software, even though I know that isn't true. The more challenges to that illusion that I have to deal with, the less likely I am to use a given software or even licensing service.