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Originally Posted by colinmiller ➡️
I agree, and I don't claim that they are all bad people who steal. But even the noblest of people when presented with such easy temptations and presented with no consequences will steal. It's about self benefit vs consequences.
It is about self-benefit and consequences. There are software companies that have disappeared with their ideas depriving you and I of new tools for applying our creativity. That is why I buy software. I want the company to continue to exist so that I can benefit from the next upgrade.

Most people do not steal because they don't want to. Enforcement is a deterrent, but many police departments do not investigate most burglaries anymore. This is irrelevant for most people though who simply do not want to take property from other people. We are not savages motivated only by fear and greed.

There are no fines for not recycling your garbage yet most informed people do it. There are still some who don't care. But many do it because they want to do it and they feel good about doing it. They beleive that there is self-interest in preserving the environment. So the point I'm trying to make is that we are trying to educate people about the piracy behavior and its consequences [to them] in the hope that some will opt to do the right thing. There is quite a bit of historical evidence of people changing after being educated.