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Originally Posted by egan ➡️
I think everyone agrees with this but the argument isn't that piracy doesn't hurt. The counter argument is that ant-piracy doesn't work and ultimately only affects legitimate users.
I understand, but I am saying I disagree with that position. My position is that anti-piracy measures help me as a paying customer. It helps protect my investment. I would even be reluctant to use software with no copy protection unless is was a situation like Apple where their hardware sales will compensate.

And I disagree that it doesn't work as I have seen first hand the effects of how it has worked. It would be nice is some companies would post in the forums as to their experience of their sales impact once they incorporated copy protection, or went from a form of copy protection that was cracked to one that was not cracked.

And just because a copy protection is cracked, doesn't mean it is rampant. Nothing is fool proof an no one expect fool proof. We don't have laws because they will eliminate crime. But they do drastically reduce crime.

Sure there are people inconvenienced, which is just the nature of security (and exists everywhere in life, not just in software). But you have to weigh the two. It's also easy to take for granted things like support and service.Something has to pay for those in addition to development.