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Originally Posted by MMI ➡️
This is completely false. The vast majority of people in the world do not steal. And the vast majority of the ones who steal feel bad about it. This "thou shalt not steal" education has been drilled into us since we were toddlers.
I agree, and I don't claim that they are all bad people who steal. But even the noblest of people when presented with such easy temptations and presented with no consequences will steal. It's about self benefit vs consequences.

If one knows that there is no way anyone can tell if they have stolen, no way for anyone to catch them, no way for the victim to even know if they are being stolen from, and there is no immediate victim caused by that one person, but rather a large collective, they will do so. And I think the plugin theft from a few years ago before the iLok pretty much demonstrates that.

For physical theft, it's not simply education that has drilled that bible quote into us, it's the enforcement of the law that has. Most kids steal. And they get caught which then teaches them the consequences of stealing. Usually this happens with something minor like a piece of candy. No one has the opportunity to learn this lesson because there is no enforcement of right and wrong and no consequences like with physical property.

A large majority is stealing right now. Do you think that they are all oblivious to the fact that they are stealing and that stealing is wrong?