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Originally Posted by Agreed ➡️
False analogy on the grounds that you own your guitar, but you do not own your software. Your software is licensed to you for use. Among other reasons this is because there are tangible costs associated with building a tangible guitar, while software can be duplicated and delivered to the end user for only the cost of a little bandwidth, effectively free for a company charging any amount of money for their plugins. Ergo it is strange indeed that an iLok should act as a sort of "physicalizer" of intangible licensing agreements, but as it works right now, in many cases that's almost how it works. It takes the intangible and makes it tangible, but with none of the benefits of other tangible goods (actual ownership) and all of the risks.
I lost my car keys, and I lost my house keys. I had a spare, kept somewhere else. If I didn't I would have to change the locks. Likewise, professionals should have spares. I know people hate being held accountable and responsible for their own actions and property, but as far as I'm concerned, if you lose your dongle it's your fault, not theirs!

Regarding the costs of replacing the software, should fender replace my guitar selling it to me at manufacturing cost, without a profit? You are saying the software company should give up their profit. Why not fender as well?

I prefer dongles to any other protection method for the reasons many times mentioned. Upgrading a computer is a nightmare due to all my IK and NI stuff, but Cubase, Korg Legacy and the rob papen stuff is a lot easier.

And plus, at least with syncrosoft, it actually works. There wasn't a fully functional crack of any syncrosoft product since SX3, and that's enough for me.