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Hi Mac,

Thank you for your feedback.

Password code:
The iLok actually has this mechanism already - however it is not used by most due to support issues. Most people forget their passwords and then have a support issue. As systems have evolved and we have added more centric license management, this feature is harder to use effectively. We can consider how to add this back into the mix. After talking with many people about this, I believe that an optional subscription model of licenses - one in which the licenses are timed - as a user choice, would be the best solution. That and, of course, an update to

Subscription based licenses:
Years ago we proposed monthly/quarterly upgrades to the market. It was too early and people were not used to using yet. Waves has added something similar to this with their WUP support. Where possible we will aim to make this easier for the customers so that they can be covered in the case of lost or theft. Right now, without a call back mechanism, it is ultimately up to the vendor to

iLok Licenses:
The current iLok has a limit of 119 licenses. Just a few years ago this seemed like more than enough capacity. It still is for a majority of users out there. However, with more vendors and more products, we are aiming to solve some of these license management issues. For those with over 119 licenses, it is possible to use several iLoks on the same machine. This is not the best solution, but it is a solution.

Phone Support:
We currently handle all support in the US (CA time) via email. We have found that email is the best way to handle issues because we can get the proper context. Phone support is expensive and when we have tested that road, it takes a long time to get the information we need. A lot of support is "follow the instructions of the software publisher to get your license" or login/access issues (I forgot my account, password, name). We are also working to improve our support and FAQ offering in the not so distant future. Our goal is to lessen the need for support. When necessary we do pick up the phone and call users. Generally that is after we get context on the issue.
Software publishers also have support tools to handle a lot of the issues that arise with their customers. In the end, our fees are so low that phone support is not really an option. Offering phone support would force us to raise fees significantly to cover the costs of live phone support.

I hope this information helps.