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AwwDeOhh - what?

conflicts between a/v & hardware 'drivers' ?

20 programmes added to protect a pc??

a/v and a firewall is all u need - and that gives no problems AT ALL - and i can tell you 1000% after testing this across multiple machines over more than 10 years - that running A/V and firewall on a machine doesnt make the slightest difference to the ability of the daw
- not a single scrap

one thing to consider... if people bring you any media on any form of storage you can get a virus from that. So unless you NEVER work with anybody who wants to bring song files, audio files, samples etc to the studio via cd or usb device etc, then you stand just as much a chance of getting a virus as you would if your machine was online

how do you think mac users do it? admittedly there are few virus's for macs, but your paranoia is really unfounded mate.