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Sid - my original post included reference to private servers but it's not really relevant as it's extremely minor and who wants to play an MMO with a group of 5 ppl alone, defeats the whole purpose. There is some hacking in the game but it is dealt with very quickly - certainly not widespread and this is included in my pointing to Blizz eliminating 3rd parties from benefiting from the profits.

To other comments - fair enough, I see your points of view and appreciate them and had considered them before posting. I still see online authentication as a way forward but I'm certainly not on a crusade, was just an idea, multiple dongles for me is absurd and a no go and although Ilok works ok, it's really a fraction of what it really could be if they made it a little more interesting.

I also do appreciate that a lot of peepz don't want their DAW online but the idea isn't to have the DAW online all the time so there are no processes using up juice and when the connection is made it's to a reliable source - how many of you worry about getting a virus when you update from or It's internet on (virus checker on if you are super anal), authenticate/update, internet off (virus checkers off).

Anyways just throwing ideas around, no crusade as I said. I don't mind using one dongle.. but it had better be.. more *interesting* than it is now. I would bet that the internet will be used for auth in the future though.

Ps the point about no internet no DAW? is a very good one. I guess you would have a backup dongle for temporary offline use. Back to square one