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Originally Posted by mix-er ➡️
you can sell an ilok'ed plug-in and avoid all the ilok transfer fees:
here is a step by step how to, it really isn't that hard.

1- purchase a spare ilok that u can use for life as a transfer ilok
2- have no plug-ins on this
3- disassociate it with any ilok account
4- send it to the seller
5- have the seller associate it with their account and transfer the sold ilok assets to it
6- have the seller disassociate the ilok with their account
7- have the seller send you the ilok
8- when u get the ilok associate it with your account
9- transfer all the license to your main ilok
10- because the ilok now has no plug-ins on it you can now once again disassociate it with your account and buy some more plug-ins with out any fees.

note there is a "grace period" that steps 6-8 must happen with in. i think it is a week.
How much is two-way postage though? And worldwide...? Eventually this would not be economically feasible... if I want to send an iLok license to someone in the USA right now, for example, it will take seconds. To do it this way (which I admit works, but seems to be more trouble than it's worth) will take up to 2+ weeks in two-way shipping, plus probably end up costing nearly half of the iLok transfer fee anyway in postage, envelopes, etc.. more if you include time!

I do think the iLok transfer fee is unreasonably high though. $15 would make me much happier. $10 would make me ecstatic. Don't even ask how I'd feel if it were free.