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Here for the gear
I'm a member of IMSTA and I wanted to give a big thumbs and say thanks to IMSTA and the various company representatives for taking part in this. I think its a really cool idea and is exactly the kind of thing IMSTA should be doing

At Camel Audio we use a keyfile based system for copy protection, which isn't locked to a particular machine ID but does contain users details. We spent a long time thinking about the options for Alchemy but ultimately stuck with this scheme. The issue for me with C&R is that pretty much all these systems are cracked, so it doesn't offer enough of an advantage to be worth the hassle. I was tempted by dongles, but speaking personally, I find them inconvenient, and if I were to put my businessmans hat on briefly, I'd say that there is some disadvantage for a company like Camel Audio who offers instant downloads, since it removes the instant gratification aspect, if a user has to wait for a dongle to show up the post. Having said the above, I can totally relate to what Angus from Steinberg is saying - that its nice to know that all your customers are legit, and that your customers know that other people aren't getting for free what they paid for. We'll continue to try to offer great support, regular updates and other advantages like tutorial videos in a bid to make sure our customers feel valued.