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Originally Posted by rhythmtech ➡️
hey guys,

im sure you've all heard horror stories on lost dongles, strict re-sale policies etc etc.

with that in mind have you any thoughts on an industry standard copy protection device? and is there any moves towards this solution?
I don't think that an industry-wide approach to copy protection is realistic, unless it could be based on some kind of universal security feature that is deeply embedded in Windows and Mac operating systems, or even in the computer hardware itself.

When it comes to copy protection, different companies just have different priorities, specifically regarding the aspect of security vs. user convenience. In general, higher security usually means less convenience and vice versa - a principle which obviously translates to many things even beyond computer software

So the "best" CP approach for a given manufacturer might be totally different based on the product portfolio, the demographics of the user base, to which extent the company is already established on the market etc. etc.