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Originally Posted by TRA ➡️
I'm very anti-piracy, but I get very frustrated with some of the anti-piracy protections that have negative impacts on legit users, but they don't circumvent piracy. Can I get some opinions from the anti-piracy folks on this?
We have fine-tuned our copy protection method quite a bit over the
years, and making it as convenient as possible for the user was always a
primary goal. Another goal was actually to add value to it.

Our current copy protection mechanism is just one aspect of a product
activation system that is designed to offer useful maintenance
functionality to the user. For example, it automatically informs
about available updates and other product-related downloads, and you
only ever need to enter a product serial number once because every
future installation accesses this info automatically.

We used a dongle protection for Reaktor 3 a few years back, but we
settled for an account-based product activation system in the end
because we found it is preferred by a large majority of our users.

Fine-tuning our system definitely took some time. With the technology
of the first generation "Service Center" system, we hit a sudden bump in
the road around two years ago that created unexpected problems. This was
a painful but also ultimately useful experience. The result was the
much more advanced second-generation system which now works exactly as
we envisioned it to.

At the end of the day, I believe that the large majority of our potential
customers will decide to purchase a legit copy of the product simply due
to their professional attitude, respect for other people's hard work and
because it gives them access to important resources like the latest software
updates and the free tech support.