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I didn't say '100% uncrackable', as there is a fine difference. 'Cracked' versions of the current Cubase and Nuendo generations have not yet been available, so for me, at least, they have not yet been successfully cracked. Cubase 4 was the first version of Cubase that wasn't cracked at all. I'm also not saying that it wouldn't be theoretically possible, because it probably would. But it would require so much manpower and
expertise that I think it's unlikely it will be successfully cracked/emulated. Time will tell.
I do wonder at what price the effective protection has come (I'm not talking about customer inconvenience, but actually measurable downsides).

- What amount of system resources goes into the CP (or rather how much performance could be gained by not using any CP)?

- I wonder how often application crashes with Nuendo 4 are due to some problem with CP? (or rather how much stability could increase if there was no CP at all). Same question for Wavelab 6 although it is much, much more stable. Have you done empiric testing on this? Can you estimate what percentage of problems / crashes are down to CP (directly or indirectly)?

- What amount of cash per copy of Nuendo copy essentially goes towards CP? (Synchrosoft licensing, implementation costs, dongle hardware, user dongle support, etc). Are you at liberty to give ballpark figures?

- And the inevitable follow-up question: Are you absolutely sure that the cost for CP is lower than that of sales that might be lost if there was no / less elaborate CP?