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Originally Posted by angusbaigent ➡️
I didn't say '100% uncrackable', as there is a fine difference. 'Cracked' versions of the current Cubase and Nuendo generations have not yet been available, so for me, at least, they have not yet been successfully cracked. Cubase 4 was the first version of Cubase that wasn't cracked at all. I'm also not saying that it wouldn't be theoretically possible, because it probably would. But it would require so much manpower and
expertise that I think it's unlikely it will be successfully cracked/emulated. Time will tell.
and apple has been making tons of claims that you can't hack OSX (and that it's also stable) which has been proven to be VERY VERY wrong.

while i'm a fan of hacking of any sort, i don't condone piracy, i know plenty of people who have cracked copies of ableton live, reason, etc. but the truth of the matter is "locks only keep honest people out" (for the house analogy)

i think if someone exploits program x and cracks it themselves (without using a crack someone else made) they deserve it, especially considering claims that have been seen in this thread. the same with someone who robs a bank and gets away with it because they had it planned well, i don't necessarily agree with it (in fact if i caught someone stealing from me i'd cut their hands off with a meat cleaver) but i think those who are capable of developing cracks for copy protection deserve some credit.

it might be a shot in the dark but i'm guessing those who are actually capable of cracking programs are in the minority, the problem is the released cracks that get bundled with .iso files that make the program readily available for anyone with a computer and internet.

in a nutshell, i don't agree with piracy, i don't respect anyone who pirates software, but give hackers/crackers some credit for being able to bypass supposedly secure systems and consider the number of times copy protection has been cracked/circumvented and how many legitimate customers are pained by convoluted processes.

hopefully someone found some value in my post.