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Originally Posted by AwwDeOhh ➡️
But wouldn't making it harder... ie>making the pirates jump through more and more hoops, making it ever more difficult and sneaky to steal: Have the side effect of Average Joe pirate/weekend warrior (#2 on the list) saying it's not worth it / "not as easy as it "used to be" when i just had to click the button and poof instant [insert your own stolen IP here]"
And therefore raise awareness in a way?
Just make it "not worth it" to do the wrong thing?

How do you suggest we do this?

More hoops would probably affect paying customers too.

There are also pirates that actually make money selling cracked software. As I have said before, IMSTA won’t get involved in enforcement.

We find the best way for IMSTA is education. Anyone else wishing to do different has the right to do so.