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Originally Posted by Nuno_F ➡️
Yes, unbelievable. It's completely unreasonable. I mean, I paid for all my fender guitars, yet I have to worry about loss because I won't give another if I lose it....
But the dongle is not the software. The dongle is not what you paid several hundred dollars for. The dongle is yet another device to keep track of, and with a lot of software it means a lot of dongles.

Whoever pirates the software doesn't have to keep track, doesn't have to bother with the dongles. Who is being "rewarded" for correct behavior again, then, and who's being treated like a criminal?

It'd be a far better comparison if you had to had to put a little adapter (that wasn't yours) in your guitar's output in your guitar (which wasn't yours either - software is licensed) in order to play at all. Without the little thing, the guitar wouldn't do anything.

Again - demonstrating that analogies with physical objects just don't work .