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Originally Posted by 7161 ➡️
Can i just say anyone who doesnt put their DAWonline out of some false fear of infection is totaly nuts. i've had all mine online for the last 10 years with never a problem. all the connection does is update the AV and any OS updates, you dont have to ever run a browser or email program or anything, just connect, update, and thats that, and it's 100% safe.
I won't ever put my home DAW on the net. And infections are only part of the reason. The fact you run Antivirus, Firewall, and 20 other unnecessary processes eating up your precious resources is reason in itself. Not to mention driver conflicts with said programs. Infections are just a symptom of the disease (or vice versa) I can think of 100 reasons not to have my DAW on the net... can't think of one good one to have it on. I have a seperate computer for surfing...