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First let me start by saying I do not support pirates or have pirated software at home or in my studio. But as a legitimate end user, I find many of the anti-piracy schemes to be either a hassle or a downright rip off. Case in point - iLok.

Original post on VI Control by good friend and fellow composer Craig Sharmat:

v.i. control forum • View topic - Ilok practices bordering on illegal [ Guest ]
iLok practices border on illegal. Actually they may be illegal.

Let me start by giving you a situation that could happen to you.

You have an ilok product and have not bought their insurance. you can at anytime buy their insurance in case your ilok breaks but they give a so-called "cooling off period" or you need to spend another 100 dollars to get a temporary license. So that's a 130.00 to recover your stuff...but that's not all folks. For you to get back permanent licenses you need to send the broken ilok in so it will not be used again. They will fix it whether you like it or not and charge an additional 54.00 dollars. So in short if your ilok breaks and you do not have the insurance it will cost you:

$ 30.00 for initial insurance
$100.00 for the cooling off period
$ 54.00 for sending in your old one
and a new ilok
$ 40.00

for a total of

If you have the insurance it still costs you

... because their product failed.

The cooling off period is a total scam just to grab desperate users 100.00
If your iLok breaks no matter what, you have to spend the 54 dollars sending them the defective key whether you want to see it again or not.

I hope all software companies in the future go to another company for their security needs. this one is a scam. I love EW and Audio Ease and the like but will think twice about buying future products from all companies which support this company's policies.

This in the end may mean more of you spend the 30 dollars on insurance before your ilok goes down, but this whole experience leaves a bad taste in my mouth dealing with ilok and Pace.

Remember though that your Credit Card gets billed automatically annually so it will just keep going.

If this isn't user-unfriendly for legitimate users I don't know what is.