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Originally Posted by IMSTA ➡️
Why, because without proper copy protection, there will be fewer paying customers to pay for the developers’ wages, research and development costs, marketing costs, shipping costs, rent, and all the other expenses that a business has. The companies will have to charge more to recoup expenses, which will ultimately hurt the paying customers even more. It is just the unfortunate reality that we have to face.
Paul - I think one of the points of this thread is that what you assume in the above state has NOT been quantified. I've heard many wonderful anecdotes about how it hurts the developers, but nothing resembling factual data.When you state that companies would have to charge more, what are you REALLY basing that on?

The only real reality is that companies wish to, RIGHTFULLY, protect their intellectual property. The mantra I'm hearing repeated here is that the means by which they are doing that is NOT acceptable to the CUSTOMER. The whole "bend over and take it" mentality because there are some bad apples is just hogwash. If you give half a care about your customer base, you LISTEN to them and develop is the trends that they request. You don't spent much time justifying your failed (in customers' eyes) attempts.

THAT is the unfortunate reality that BUSINESSES have to face. Trust me, the smart ones will find a way to do it and they become the market leader. That is always the case....