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Originally Posted by jabney ➡️
If somebody pays several hundred dollars for a piece of music-related software, that must mean you think they are running a traditional business. A 9 to 5 operation. Just like any other business, except that it makes music instead of widgets
How many studios are 9 to 5 operations? Not many that I know of, unless their area of specialization involves something like commercial production or post-production (since most ad agencies are 9 to 5 operations, by & large); and even then there's often "crunch-time" late hours, etc.

It's not about when YOU want to work, it's about when the client wants to (or is able to) work - whether it's a signed band that's not screwing around & wants to get stuff done & hence wants to work 'til 3am, or a demo project with a band whose members have day jobs, I think more total work across the studio industry goes on "after hours" than in the daytime, so you have a point, even apart from your own situation.