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Originally Posted by TRA ➡️
I'm very anti-piracy, but I get very frustrated with some of the anti-piracy protections that have negative impacts on legit users, but they don't circumvent piracy. Can I get some opinions from the anti-piracy folks on this?

The truth is that software protection is both necessary and annoying. I have a recording studio myself and as an end-user of music software, I do get frustrated with copy protection from time to time. I also get annoyed when I have to unlock two locks and disarm my security alarm before entering my house.

However, I also understand that copy protection is needed in order to protect someone’s property, just like a lock on my front door protects my property.

It is unfortunate that legitimate users like you and I are inconvenienced by such protection.

With all due respect Paul - but I just cannot accept that analogy.

Software / virtual world cannot be compared with hard tangible reality. Running off with your TV is NOT the same as a copy of my Nuendo.

The truth is no matter what you bring out the software gets cracked. So dongles etc are only an annoyance for the end user. The legitimate customer. And if we break it / lose it - we lose everything yet the illegal user carry's on as normal.

Agreed something has to be done but I, personally, had the fragility of a £20 piece of plastic protecting my £2000 investment and forced to do so!

The software is virtual. If I crashed my BMW it would cost alot of money to fix or replace. If I lose my Nuendo install disc it would physically cost pennies to replace.

So please - no more comparing the virtual with the tangible.