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good point - and nowadays people have multiple machines of course - i have 4 mac's... idealy you might want to work on ideas on one machine and transfer to your main machine for tracking vlocals and mixing - or i might want to put the s/w on one of my macs AND also a windows machine

you work on one of the other machines when the main studio machine is busy doing a session or rendering a long video etc - so you want s/w that EASILY allows multiple installs on your own machines

part of the reason i chose Logic tbh

any restriction on doing that is kinda like DRM in music which failed the music biz so badly. It's kinda like buying a song and not being able to listen to it in your car, only on your hi-fi at home. so you dont buy the music cos it is restricted in where you can play it

could it be the same with s/w?