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There seem to be so many issues of behaviour going on around software use.

There are people out there who don't believe in buying software! They simpley give their rationalisations for getting away with not buying it. So when I say to these people that I buy stuff because I have made a choice to obtain good tools for my work and I want to enjoy their maintainance and continuation they give me more speil! Why... because they have no attachment to what they are using. They will just move on to the latest cracked piece of software because the people that buy it legit are paying for it.

Unless I can say to someone - you're a cheap bast£%d this software is so affordable and you enjoy using it then they can't be cajoled in making a financial and emotional contribution to the tools they spend time using.

I think on the software authors side there is too much accountant and MBA type interest in % increases of profits and growth and imitation of what is percieve as standard practices. At this time I think that the people writing the full featured expensive DAW's should look into fostering loyalty into the people that are using hacked versions of their software.

I take pride in my work and look to use tools that are well crafted. I don't enjoy software companies cranking up the costs of their products both in terms of impeding my legitimate use of the software and having to foot the bill for them to create measures of protection when it has always been safe in my hands and continues to do so.

I think maybe a little less greed and the legal persuit of sites that trade in hacked versions of software are in order and not the inconveniencing of their customer base is in order.